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Mark Seliger

Amarillo - Texas (Etats-Unis)

Mark Seliger is an editorial photographer who was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. He currently lives and works in New York City, and is under contract to Conde Nast Publications, where he has shot numerous covers for GQ and Vanity Fair. Prior to this, Mark was the Chief Photographer for Rolling Stone, where he shot over 100 covers. Current editorial clients include Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue Hommes, Interview and British ELLE.
Mark has published several books- In My Stairwell (2005), Lenny Kravitz/ Mark Seliger, Physignomy and When They Came to Take My Father- voices of the Holocaust. Mark has appeared in several other books including: Crazy Sexy Cool, Brad Pitt, Images of Rock-N-Roll, Garcia and Cobain, Rolling Stone the Complete Covers 1967-1997. He has won several awards (see partial list below or download complete list).


Mark Seliger
2005-02-08 - 2005-04-09
Young Gallery
1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

Mark Seliger
2006-01-26 - 2006-03-04
Fahey Klein Gallery
CA 90036 Los Angeles - USA

Mark Seliger
2005-12-02 - 2006-01-14
Govinda Gallery
DC 20007 Washington - USA

Mark Seliger
2006-01-12 - 2006-03-30
Holocaust Museum Houston
77004-6804 Houston - USA

Mark Seliger
2006-02-04 - 2006-06-04
Museum Fine Art Houston
TX 77005 Houston - USA

Mark Seliger
2006-03-17 - 2006-04-30
Galerie Wouter Van Leeuwen
1016 SM  Amsterdam - Pays-Bas

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